How to prevent mechanical seal leakage of sludge sewage pump

- 2021-04-01-

Sludge sewage pump is a rotating two spiral cam rotors driven by synchronous gear. The medium is pushed to the outlet of the pump from the inlet of the pump. It is a dry-type installation product, which is convenient and quick to install, and the pump has compact structure and small space. The operation is simple, easy to maintain, the supporting motor has low power and low noise. Eddy machines can be customized to suit the actual conditions. Sludge sewage pump is widely known in the industry as a strong and easy to maintain pump. As the core part of rotor pump, if leakage occurs, how should we deal with it

1. Strictly comply with the following installation requirements:

1) The maximum bending degree of the shaft shall not exceed 0.05mm;

2) The vibration swing of the shaft at the installation mechanical seal shall not be greater than 0.1mm;

3) Axial displacement of the shaft shall not be greater than 0.5mm;

4) The manufacturing tolerance of shaft at the installation mechanical seal is H8 finish;

5) The end of shaft (shaft sleeve) of the movable ring sealing ring and the end of the sealing gland (or shell) where the static ring sealing ring is installed shall be chamfered and polished;

6) After the installation of the moving ring, it must be ensured that the movable ring can move flexibly on the spindle;

7) Pay attention to avoid installation deviation. Tighten the gland after the coupling is aligned, and the bolts shall be tightened evenly to prevent the gland section from being slanted;

2. Eliminating the influence of pump vibration on mechanical seal

1) Pump products shall be strictly implemented in accordance with the standards and operating procedures in the process of manufacturing equipment to eliminate vibration sources;

2) When the auxiliary equipment such as pump, motor, base and field pipeline are installed on site, it is necessary to strictly check and eliminate vibration sources;

3) Strictly check the site production, operation, maintenance and commissioning to eliminate vibration sources;

3. add auxiliary flushing system

Design auxiliary flushing system as far as possible if conditions permit. Generally, the flushing pressure is higher than the pressure of the sealing chamber of 0.107-0.11mpa. If the conveying medium is easy to vaporize, it shall be higher than the vaporization pressure of 0.175-0.12mpa. The pressure of the seal chamber shall be calculated according to the structure form of the pump and the system pressure. When the pressure of the shaft seal cavity is very high or the pressure is almost close to the high limit of the seal, the liquid can be led from the sealing cavity to the low pressure area to make the seal liquid flow to take away.