Diving Pump Precautions

- 2021-06-16-

The horizontal diving pump works in water, easy to leak, and even cause an electric shock accident. As long as the leakage protector device is installed, if the drain value of the dive pump exceeds the operation current value of the leakage protector, the leakage protector automatically cuts off the power.
High voltage and excessive voltage will make the dive pump temperature rise, shorten the use period, and may even burn the diving pump. The low-voltage supply lines in rural areas have a long time, and there is often a phenomenon that the terminal voltage is too low and the startup voltage is too high.
There are many kinds of submersible electric pumps, and it is inversion to water, but the amount of water in the water is small, the current is large, and the inversion time will damage the motor winding. Therefore, the submersible electric pump should be turned on before water, check whether the direction of rotation is correct, if the three-phase submersible pump leaf rotation, immediately stop the pump, replace any two phases of the cable three-phase core wire.