The fundamental way to extend the service life of fountain pumps

- 2021-09-17-

1. Before opening the fountain pump, open the inlet valve and sealing liquid valve of the pump to check whether the pump body is full of liquid;

Shutdown procedure: slowly close the pump outlet valve; press the motor button to stop the motor operation; close the pump inlet valve and sealing liquid valve.
Periodic inspection of centrifugal pumps. The periodic inspection of centrifugal pumps can generally be divided into the following three types and increase the deflection of the pump shaft, and even cause fatigue fracture of the pump shaft. If the flow cannot be increased in production, consider increasing the return flow from the process piping to achieve the purpose of adjusting the flow.

Monthly inspection of centrifugal pump. Perform cleaning and minor repairs on the appearance of the equipment without disassembling parts, including inspections of bearing temperature, shaft seal leakage reasons, and motor insulation.

2. Slowly open the outlet valve of the pump, and adjust the outlet valve to the required opening through the flow and pressure indication. Whether it is normal, check whether each part of the unit is leaking; check the packing tightness, usually there should be a small amount of leakage at the packing (no more than 10 to 20 drops per minute); the leakage of the mechanical seal should not exceed 10ml/h (per minute) About 3 drops); the temperature of the rolling bearing should not be higher than 75℃; the temperature of the sliding bearing should not be higher than 70℃; whether there are abnormal noises, abnormal vibrations, and reduced water output.

Accurate selection of the flow and head of the centrifugal pump Accurate selection of the flow and head can ensure that the centrifugal pump is in the best performance state during use. If the centrifugal pump is running at a low flow rate, a circulating vortex will be generated in the centrifugal pump, and radial force will be generated, which will make the impeller in an unbalanced state, increase the bearing load, and cause damage to the seal and bearing. Daily inspection of centrifugal pumps that cause fluid temperature to rise, turbines and pump casings are damaged. That is, the inspection in use includes: checking whether various instruments are working normally and stable, and the current should not exceed the rated value. The pointer of the pressure gauge should be within the design range; checking the water output of the pump is correct use and periodic inspection is the fundamental way to prolong the service life of the centrifugal pump of the fountain pump. Situation and so on.

Regular maintenance of centrifugal pumps. Including changing the shaft seal lubricant, checking the alignment of the pump and the motor, checking the wear of the shaft sleeve, checking the damage of the coupling rubber ring, cleaning the mechanical seal, and the coolant filter.

3. Start the centrifugal pump when it is confirmed that the pump body is filled with liquid and the sealing liquid is flowing normally;

Correct start and stop procedures, start procedures.