Five reasons why fountain pump output is small

- 2021-09-22-

In this colorful society, fountains can be seen everywhere in the city we live in, but after a long time use of the fountain, the water output of the fountain will become smaller. This is also for sure. Things like machines will be used for a long time. In this way, what are the reasons why our fountain effect is not ideal?
Several reasons for the small water output of the fountain pump
1. The impeller blades are severely worn due to long-term use, which affects the performance of the fountain pump.

2. Because the fountain pump is left for too long, the gasket of the bottom valve is stuck, and the bottom valve without gasket may rust to death.

3. Potential water sludge layer in the bottom valve of the fountain pump causes the filter to be blocked.

Fourth, the leakage of the outlet pipe will also lead to the unsatisfactory water volume of the fountain pump.

5. The failure or blockage of the check valve of the fountain pump gate valve will cause the fountain pump's flow to decrease or even fail to pump water.