Related knowledge of stainless steel submersible pump

- 2021-09-26-

The power part of the stainless steel submersible pump uses the oil-immersed, submerged stainless steel submersible motors and submerged motors produced by the current international advanced technology to absolutely pollute the water quality. It is currently the best quality deep well pump at home and abroad. The use of high-quality stainless steel shell, shaft core, coupling, steel backflow shell, the new "floating" structure impeller has no axial force on the motor during operation.

Features: The pump has a small outer diameter, a large flow, and a high lift, which is suitable for small-diameter deep wells and can significantly reduce drilling costs. Smooth appearance, beautiful appearance, noble quality, sand and abrasion resistance, long service life, high pumping efficiency, power saving, and convenient maintenance.
Scope of use: It is especially suitable for industrial and mining, agriculture, construction, aquaculture, food and beverage industry and household (or high-level water delivery) use. , Suitable for ponds, fish ponds, water towers, deep wells and high-rise water delivery, fountains.