Daily maintenance knowledge of commonly used fountain pumps

- 2021-09-27-

At present, the daily maintenance of fountain pumps are commonly used, and the daily maintenance of fountain pumps daily maintenance knowledge of the daily maintenance of the pump is the guarantee for the safety and normal operation of the unit. Therefore, it is a planned maintenance to eliminate and prevent accidents during the operation of the unit.


The main contents of the daily maintenance of the fountain pump are as follows:

(1) Check and deal with bolts or nuts that are easy to loosen. Such as flapping doors, bolts, shaft pins, pins, etc., the tightness of the packing of the double-suction centrifugal pump shaft seal device, and the air compressor valve plate.
(2) Oil, water and gas pipeline joints and valve leakage treatment.
(3) Inspection and treatment of motor carbon brushes, slip rings, insulation, etc.
(4) Check for water blocking debris in front of the trash rack.
(5) Keep the motor dry and check the motor insulation.
(6) Check whether the hoisting points of the gate are firm, and whether there are jammed objects, rust and abrasion on the side of the door.
(7) Maintenance of gate opening and closing equipment.
(8) Crane maintenance.

(9) The unit equipment is clean.